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Sal's Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Sal's LiveJournal:

Friday, October 18th, 2002
3:14 pm
~*WuT ThE F*cK*~
Ok, so we played Mt. Vernon and got our asses kickt! I was soooooo pissed!!!!!! Half of the guys on our team played scared quarter of us played like shit and the other quarter played their hearts out, and that doesnt add up to a "ready to play team," it made us look like shit!! Yea I was part of that last quarter of guys! We Lost and were humiliated! The fans and players were arrogant, and amongst it all I got hurt, this lil bitch took a cheap shot at me on one of last plays, and i tore some ligaments in my knee! I guess he was pissed that I trucked his BITCH ASS earlier in the game and sat on his back and rammed his helmet in the dirt! So now I on cruthes for 2 friggin' weeks :-(! And it puts my wrestling season to a hault! Well ima go get doped up, lay down and try to ignore this FUCKIN PAIN!!!SoO Until NeXt TyMe! Gotta Run like PaNtY HoeS On A FaT ChIcK!

Current Mood: pissed off
Tuesday, October 15th, 2002
8:17 pm
JuS A LiL SuMtHiN'........
Yo! i got alil bored so i decided to kick a flow about our game this thurs. against Mt. Vernon. Its alil short but it gets straight 2 da point! Ill holla at'chall LaTaZ!
Breathe with me,
Breathe the pressure,
Come play my game & I'll test ya,
Psycho-somatic addict-insane!
Mt.Vernon be ready to feel ma' game!
Cuz afta im done shit wont be da same!
Come 2 our field talkin dat shit
U betta brace yo'self cuz u fina get hit!

Current Mood: chipper
Monday, October 14th, 2002
9:02 pm
~HeRe We Go AgAiN!!~
AH! Today was kind of a lounge day. I dint have skoo', so thats a plus. but the downside was that 2day I had a football game with our sucky JV team(oh for those of you that dont kno, im a freshmen that got promoted to JV) and we lost again. My mother and sister took it upon themselves to be SMARTASSES! On my squad we all have nicknames and i was dubed "HoT SaUcE." Well tonight i was kind of MiLd and my mom and sis decided to let me kno in the 4th quarter, so they are yelling little smartass comments about me, but all in fun. A couple of my friends/teammates were kind of laughin at them. So anyway its the 4th quarter and were gettin our asses kikt! and then my friend jj goes long and we finally score! so the sideline gets a lil giddy(LOL) We stuck wit it but still lost 32-8. I cant wait till i get to play this thurday against our rivals Mt. Vernon. Were gonna kick their ass! then the season will be over for my freshmen team :-(, then i have another game with JV against MTVN again. Well i guess ima go get in the shower and clean my funky ass(LOL) Until next time GoOd NiGhT!

Current Mood: tired
12:17 am
SuMtHiN' NeW!
ummm this is my first entry and im not quite sure what to write? my sis' got me into this live journal, and i guess it'll be kool. ummm... i dunno wut else to write so im outtie! lataz!

Current Mood: excited
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